The Best Distillery Tour in Wisconsin

The Minhas Distillery is a microdistillery that started in 1999.  It is co-founded by Ravinder Minhas.  The Minhas Microdistillery is essentially a craft distiller that uses old-age recipes and combines it with new-age designs and techniques.  This allows them to create new types of liquors.

When you take part in their tour, you will be given background knowledge on how spirits are made.  You may find it both informative and interesting to learn just how your favorite like vodka and rum get fermented and find how the great flavors are infused in them.

The aim of Minhas Distillery is to provide quality products that are in fancy and beautiful bottles.  These combinations of both product quality and packaging will surely provide the best for their customers, especially since the products are offered at very reasonable prices.

Minhas Distillery is constantly at work on new recipes.  If you get into a tour, the products that you may see on the shelf today may no longer be there and moved to another shelf as they are constantly creating and innovating on new products, bottle designs, and just nearly about everything.

The Minhas Distillery tour is a 1-hour tour that costs 10 dollars.  Within the tour, you will get to do some product sampling, take home a sampler glass, and get a bottle of their fine spirits.  They are located at 1404 13 St., Monroe, Wisconsin.  Visit their website at to book your tour.

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