June 2011 Meeting Information

The June club meeting will be at Steve’s House in the Watertree subdivision.  Address information and day of the meeting will be coming later

We will be doing some side by side tastings and using BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) guidelines and scoring sheets.  We will be judging the 2 – Hearted Bells that was brewed on May 7th.  Bring whatever beer you have or want to bring including Bells 2 hearted – commercial if you have no home brew


Next meeting September 15th

In the near future, I would like to publish a list of auction items that will be available.  So, if you have any beer related items you are no longer using, please consider selling them at the auction on Sept 15th. The monies received can be donated to the club in part or in whole
    Samples so far:
        Propane tanks
        Bottle racks
For those in attendance at the last meeting, the appetizers were donated by TGIFs.  Thanks so much Brandon & Travis

Club T-Shirt update

The t-shirts have been ordered.  The deposit for the shirts will be dropped off tomorrow.  No changes after tomorrow so look at the attachment and make sure on the quantity and sizes.  The sample t-shirt logo will be sent to me tomorrow.

On the fly:
    We ordered 24-25 shirts based on the attachment.  If I have the wrong size, let me know today or early tomorrow
    We have also ordered an extra 12 shirts for future members ( we are optimistic)
Please make arrangements with me to pay for your shirts & please do it soon.  The Treasury can cover the $200 deposit on the shirts but will be bankrupt at that point tomorrow
The cost of the shirt will be $16 per shirt.  The club will make money on this transaction but the extra funds will help cover the extra shirts we ordered
In addition, the club banner is on order and the business cards are also on order.   The banner will put us over the top financially  but we hope the upcoming auction will add some funds to the club treasury.