Brew Day Photos And Information

IMAG0479Attached is picture from the President/COO of the Bee Creek Brewery.  
We had about a dozen members show up to brew and/or to watch and help
Thanks to Julie for allowing us on the premises and thanks to the brew masters, Mark & Mike, for providing a location for the club’s participation in the National Home Brew Day.  Grand total, we made about 50 gallons of beer.  Some of that beer will be sampled at out June meeting.  Stay tuned for more info on the June tasting where we will get together and taste/consume what we made today
If you did not make it saturday, make sure you make the June meeting (location to be determined).  The next club meeting will be on May 19th at the Lake House in Staunton.  More info will be forthcoming on the May and June meetings.
We now have a club  name and would like for all of you  to work on a club logo.  Cindy, our Secretary /Treasurer has begun the process and we will forward info as we can.  
Come to the next meeting and voice your opinion on club direction, logo, future events, etc.  We would love to have your input

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