The Best Distillery Tour in Wisconsin

The Minhas Distillery is a microdistillery that started in 1999.  It is co-founded by Ravinder Minhas.  The Minhas Microdistillery is essentially a craft distiller that uses old-age recipes and combines it with new-age designs and techniques.  This allows them to create new types of liquors.

When you take part in their tour, you will be given background knowledge on how spirits are made.  You may find it both informative and interesting to learn just how your favorite like vodka and rum get fermented and find how the great flavors are infused in them.

The aim of Minhas Distillery is to provide quality products that are in fancy and beautiful bottles.  These combinations of both product quality and packaging will surely provide the best for their customers, especially since the products are offered at very reasonable prices.

Minhas Distillery is constantly at work on new recipes.  If you get into a tour, the products that you may see on the shelf today may no longer be there and moved to another shelf as they are constantly creating and innovating on new products, bottle designs, and just nearly about everything.

The Minhas Distillery tour is a 1-hour tour that costs 10 dollars.  Within the tour, you will get to do some product sampling, take home a sampler glass, and get a bottle of their fine spirits.  They are located at 1404 13 St., Monroe, Wisconsin.  Visit their website at to book your tour.


June 2011 Meeting Information

The June club meeting will be at Steve’s House in the Watertree subdivision.  Address information and day of the meeting will be coming later

We will be doing some side by side tastings and using BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) guidelines and scoring sheets.  We will be judging the 2 – Hearted Bells that was brewed on May 7th.  Bring whatever beer you have or want to bring including Bells 2 hearted – commercial if you have no home brew


June Meeting On The 23rd

The next meeting will be held at my house in Terre Haute
1379 Watertree Road
West off of route 46 onto Hulman – Just a few miles north of the Wal-mart on 46
First right off of Hulman onto Watertree (at the ponds) – if you are coming from 46
About 20 houses back on the left.  If you need directions, please call or email me
We will be on the deck out back if it is not raining.  Just walk around the right hand side of the house.  The left side of the house is a little difficult
I will have some chili on hand.   Bring some other foods if you have time and/or the desire
At this meeting in June, we will actually judge the beers that were made at the AHA sponsored Big Brew Day  on May 7th.  Which was also National Home Brewers Day. Don’t worry about whether you brewed or not for the Big Brew Day, just come
We will have plenty of beer but you are encouraged to bring some home brew or some commercial micro-brews.  If you do not have any homebrew, please consider bringing Bells Two Hearted Pale Ale
The beer we brewed on the BBD was supposed to be a clone for Bell’s Two hearted.  We need the commercial beer to compare with and to DRINK
We will be judging these beers according to the BJCP guidelines
I believe Bell’s two hearted is classified as an American Pale Ale.  Eric or anyone else, please correct me if I am wrong.  Anyhow, visit the BJCP site and introduce yourself to the guidelines for this beer.  We will have judging sheets for each beer tasted and will discuss the process as we go
This will be a great introduction to style guidelines and the associated evaluation of beers.  This should be a great time for learning.
The club is also looking into entering the Altruistic Chili cook-off in Sept. here in TH.  The chili I will be making at the next meeting will be a possible entry.  My thoughts at this time is to have a club chili cook off in August.  The winner of the club contest will go forward to the Altruistic cook-off in Sept.  It will be a great way to get our club name out to the public.  More on the chili cook-off will be discussed at the next meeting
Please try to attend the next meeting as the judging of the beers can be a very informative process

Next Meeting July 21st

Chili competition
Bring some homebrew to enjoy with the chili judging or some commercial beer that might go well with chili
If you are planning or thinking about a chili entry, let me know so we can prepare for the event at the next meeting
Trying to get a handle on how many chili entries will need to be judged
As mention before, a gallon of chili would be to much.  Just bring enough for everyone to have a little 4 oz cup
Maybe 6-8 entries or I hope we have that many.  Get those recipes perfected and maybe we just might win the Altrusa event in Sept
One another subject, please take some time and give the club logo some thought.  We need to get our club banner made before Sept and need your input on the logo to go with our name
Also, we are still looking for a member to host the event.  If you are able to host please let me know

Next meeting September 15th

In the near future, I would like to publish a list of auction items that will be available.  So, if you have any beer related items you are no longer using, please consider selling them at the auction on Sept 15th. The monies received can be donated to the club in part or in whole
    Samples so far:
        Propane tanks
        Bottle racks
For those in attendance at the last meeting, the appetizers were donated by TGIFs.  Thanks so much Brandon & Travis

Brew Day Saturday May 7th

Just a reminder: we will be brewing on this Sat. Start time is 9 am or later at the Bee Creek Brewery,  Food will be provided and looking over the operation at Bee Creek brewery would be possible. So far we have 6 brewers and 1-2 helper/watchers.

In addition, there will be a drawing available to all members. The winner gets a free bottle of:
Lost Abbey “Gift of the Magi” 750 ML 
Let us know if you plan to attend

Brew Day Photos And Information

IMAG0479Attached is picture from the President/COO of the Bee Creek Brewery.  
We had about a dozen members show up to brew and/or to watch and help
Thanks to Julie for allowing us on the premises and thanks to the brew masters, Mark & Mike, for providing a location for the club’s participation in the National Home Brew Day.  Grand total, we made about 50 gallons of beer.  Some of that beer will be sampled at out June meeting.  Stay tuned for more info on the June tasting where we will get together and taste/consume what we made today
If you did not make it saturday, make sure you make the June meeting (location to be determined).  The next club meeting will be on May 19th at the Lake House in Staunton.  More info will be forthcoming on the May and June meetings.
We now have a club  name and would like for all of you  to work on a club logo.  Cindy, our Secretary /Treasurer has begun the process and we will forward info as we can.  
Come to the next meeting and voice your opinion on club direction, logo, future events, etc.  We would love to have your input


Club T-Shirt update

The t-shirts have been ordered.  The deposit for the shirts will be dropped off tomorrow.  No changes after tomorrow so look at the attachment and make sure on the quantity and sizes.  The sample t-shirt logo will be sent to me tomorrow.

On the fly:
    We ordered 24-25 shirts based on the attachment.  If I have the wrong size, let me know today or early tomorrow
    We have also ordered an extra 12 shirts for future members ( we are optimistic)
Please make arrangements with me to pay for your shirts & please do it soon.  The Treasury can cover the $200 deposit on the shirts but will be bankrupt at that point tomorrow
The cost of the shirt will be $16 per shirt.  The club will make money on this transaction but the extra funds will help cover the extra shirts we ordered
In addition, the club banner is on order and the business cards are also on order.   The banner will put us over the top financially  but we hope the upcoming auction will add some funds to the club treasury.